Publishing and contract services.
The 505 Press offers both contract and publishing services for artists locally and nationally. Artist work closely with the master printer to develop their ideas. The printer prepares stones, plates, and photo based images as he guides the artist in the use of materials as well as in selecting colors, paper, and various techniques to create new work. All work goes through a rigorous proof process to explore the possibilities of the project and ultimately determine the best path forward to editioning. Editions are printed by the master printer and meticulously curated before they are signed and made available for purchase. Published editions are sold directly from 505 Press and also through galleries representing the various artists. All sales go towards supporting both the artists and 505 press. Please visit the purchase page to see what is currently available from the 505 Press.

Contract printing prices vary based on the paper size, number of runs, edition size, and difficulty of the project. Please contact us for estimates on contract printing services.